The Irving Moskowitz Foundation is charitable organization dedicated to humanitarian efforts, especially supporting causes that promote athletic opportunities to inner-city youth.  The Foundation has been recognized nationally for its many contributions to non-profits such as the Hawaiian Gardens Little League baseball organization.  In 2012-13, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation donated $20,000 to the Hawaiian Garden Little League.  Funding was used for the purchase of equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, etc.  The Hawaiian Gardens Little League Program serves hundredths of boys and girls ages 4 to 16 that play baseball and softball.  As the Little League organization states: “Volunteers are the backbone of the Little League program;” therefore, the support from the community is crucial to the future success of programs such as this one.  The Irving Moskowitz Foundation has committed to provide financial support to assist with the cost incurred by the organization.

Founder of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation, Dr. Irving Moskowitz believes that sports play a key role in motivating children to excel in the classroom.  An athlete himself, Dr. Moskowitz was passionate and competitive baseball player.  As a young boy, he spent countless hours playing baseball, which lead to his success as an All-Star outfielder in the AAA Municipal League in Milwaukee.  With a batting average of .421, Dr. Irving I. Moskowitz was offered contracts from two professional baseball organizations in Chicago and Cleveland.  Although he loved the game of baseball, he turned these offers down to pursue his career as a physician.  Dr. Irving Moskowitz states that the love for the sport of baseball helped him stay focused in school and motivated him to not only excel on the ball field, but also in the classroom.

With that same concept the Hawaiian Gardens Little League strongly believes that through the sport of baseball many children in Hawaiian Gardens will gain the same focus and passion that Dr. Moskowitz did not only for the sport but for his education as well.  Many of the children in Hawaiian Gardens come from low income families facing many economical and social challenges. Programs such as the Hawaiian Gardens Little League help children stay out of gangs and their involvement with drugs and alcohol.  It also helps children stay active and healthy.   The children participating in the Little League program have demonstrated their talent out on the field.  They have been successful in achieving many championship titles and have placed the city of Hawaiian Gardens’ name on the map.

The economical support provided by the Irving Moskowitz Foundation is key component in sustaining the Hawaiian Gardens Little League organization, which is a crucial program for the Hawaiian Gardens youth.   Without the financial assistance from organizations such as the Irving Moskowitz Foundation many children in Hawaiian Gardens would not have the opportunity to learn and enjoy the All-American sport of baseball.  The Irving Moskowitz Foundation and Cherna Moskowitz recognizes the importance of its commitment to the Hawaiian Gardens Little League, but most importantly to the youth of Hawaiian Gardens.

Irving Moskowitz Foundation