An Overview of the Irving Moskowitz Charities Posted November 6, 2012 by adamupfront


There are millions of dollars spent by the Irving Moskowitz charities every year to be able to fund a range of programs operated by Dr. Moskowitz. Many organizations have been helped and supported by the said philanthropist as he dedicated his life to this kind of calling of helping the needy and poor individuals in and outside the community. Moreover, he supports activities that are life-enhancing. An important philosophy that he believes is that each person should have the chance to succeed in life. Furthermore, he wants to extend to the disadvantaged ones by providing them with scholarships to help make their life better by ensuring that the students have fun engaging in sports activities. Dr. Irving Moskowitz is happy to see children enjoying their learning experience such as in a science camp.


The Irving Moskowitz charities in Israel have different programs as well like for the university students to provide them with housing. Moreover, Dr. Irving wants to make sure that those who are suffering from cancer can have their dream trips. He is also committed in restoring the synagogues and that there is improvement in basic healthcare through the creation of a dialysis center as well as dental clinic. The Irving Moskowitz charities also provided food to many families. There are about a thousand families that have received help from the Food Bank in Hawaiian Gardens. They are receiving groceries as well as vouchers. A hundred thousand dollars and more have been each year for this purpose. The visitors were provided with produce, bread, canned goods and so many more.

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