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Irving Moskowitz Foundation

An Overview of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation

Irving Moskowitz started the Irving Moskowitz Foundation which is a charitable foundation that is built for improving and enriching other people’s lives. The foundation was initiated on the precept that saving a person’s life is the same with saving the whole world. In 1968, the Irving Moskowitz Foundation was formed as Dr. Irving Moskowitz wanted to help others individuals. He wanted to help people from different religions and races and he didn’t have to look at the people’s creed or politics when he helps. The City of Hawaiian Gardens in California is a principal beneficiary of the Moskowitz Foundation. Dr. Irving ran a state-legalized Bingo Club where in the profits are used for the city residents. They offer donations to social action organizations. Moskowitz believes that concentrating a range of efforts in a particular community will benefit all people.

There are also many other organizations that were able to benefit from the charitable works of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation. Dr. Irving Moskowitz was motivated to help maintain Israel become a safe-haven for the Jewish people scattered all over the world. He lost 120 relatives in the Holocaust and this pushed him to act on it. Moskowitz Foundation in Israel is helping religious, educational, cultural as well as emergency services organizations. There are many other projects that the foundation took care of such restoring the synagogue to offer dream trips for adolescent patients suffering from cancer and also to be able to fund the construction of the university student housing. Truly, Moskowitz has been admired for what he has done.

The foundation has received accolades and has been recognized for its many contributions towards social assistance programs, educational initiatives, healthcare programs, scholarship awards, and many recreational and athletic opportunities to at-risk youth. The foundation has also showed its solidarity in times when crisis arises. This includes monetary contributions for relief efforts such as:

  • Hurricane Mitch in Central America (1998)
  • Kosovo Relief Crisis and major earthquake in Turkey (1999)
  • 911- New York World Trade Center Relief Fund (2001)
  • Wild Fires in California (2003)
  • Tsunami disaster in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand (2004)
  • Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans (2005)
  • Sichuan earthquake in China (2008)
  • Haiti earthquake (2010)
  • Japan earthquake and tsunami (2011)