A Glimpse of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation Posted November 6, 2012 by adamupfront


This Irving Moskowitz foundation is one non-profit foundation which is established to improve as well as enrich the lives of individuals on the idea that the person who saved one life is similar to having saved the world. It was in the year 1968 that the Irving Moskowitz foundation created by Dr. Irving Moskowitz started. The goal was to help people from any race and religion and regardless of politics or creed. Among the principal beneficiaries of this foundation is The City of Hawaiian Gardens located in California. The foundation runs a state-legislated Bingo Club. The founder, Irving Moskowitz, believes that concentrating several efforts in one community, the benefit will be felt by many people. In the City of Hawaiian Gardens, the incomes from the Bingo Club benefit the city residents via the social action organizations like The United Community Group and also the Head Start.


The charitable support offered by the Irving Moskowitz Foundation also benefits the different organizations. It was the death of his relatives in the Holocaust which motivated Irving Moskowitz to maintain Israel as a safe place for the Jewish people who are in different parts of the world. The Irving Moskowitz foundation in Israel supports different education, religious, emergency and cultural services organizations. The different projects range from restoring a significant synagogue to provide dream trips for those adolescent patients how have cancer to fund the university student housing construction. Also, it is dedicated to help minimize the suffering when there are crises emerging throughout the world. This is always happy to support and help different relief efforts.

Irving Moskowitz Foundation